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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book helps Sudanese refugees in the U.S. pay for an education. More

"heartbreaking and inspiring" -- Former President Jimmy Carter

"fascinating" -- The Washington Post

"stunning" -- Southern Living

"worth reading twice" -- The Charlotte Observer

"a beautiful, heart-rending struggle" -- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Southern Book Award Finalist -- Southern Book Critics Circle

Book of the Year Award Finalist  -- Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance

Notable Book in Education -- American School Board Journal

Coming in Paperback September 2006 from the University of Georgia Press

A Lesson in Personal Development

If there is one lesson that should be learned in life, it's how to develop yourself personally so that you can achieve what you want without violating the rights of others. This is a subject that is not taught in any schools, which is painfully evident when you look around at how almost all of the world's population lives.

Only a tiny proportion of that population (around 1% or less) enjoys true financial freedom, which some refer to as wealth or riches, but what is really the ability to be able to afford all of life's necessities plus some luxuries without ever having to worry about how it's going to be paid for. What is this lesson that seems to elude most people around the world?

What is this magical secret without possession of which keeps most living in poverty?

Even in wealthy countries, a huge majority of people live perhaps not in abject poverty, but in a state of constant debt, barely keeping their heads above that dreaded poverty line through sheer force of hard work and long hours spent working and not enjoying the only life they have.

This elusive secret is sometimes referred to as the "Law of Attraction" and it's a very simple concept once you understand what it is and how it works. Then putting it to work in your life can bring amazing rewards from simply lifting you out of the poverty trap to bringing you everything life has to offer without you ever having to suffer again.

The only problem is that most people don't even know of its existence, let alone understand how it works or what it is. Ignorance is simply lack of education and this is a law of nature that should be taught to everyone when they are at school. But it isn't and right now, there's not much a few diligent souls can do to change the mighty "establishment" to do things any differently than it does right now and has always done. But that's a debate for a dedicated article or even a whole book all to itself. Take a look at The Institute of Words & Pictures for a better idea.

The purpose of this website is mainly to promote the release of this book, "The Lost Boys of Sudan" as featured above. But there is a message in this book and in this website that hints in no uncertain terms about the ability of anyone, no matter where they come from or how repressed or poverty stricken they may be, to break free of the chains that hold them prisoner in a life they don't want and develop themselves and improve their lives to achieve amazing things. And it happens because of harnessing the power of this Law of Attraction and using it, whether knowingly or not, to its fullest advantage (see for further information).